1. May blank | Shaping Destinies Across The Globe
    blankblank[Opportunity Russia 2014]


  1. Dec blank | Teach Less, Learn More
    blankblank[Article by Dr Spencer Kagan]
  2. Dec blank | Educare's Master Teacher training in Bhutan
    blankblank[Noa Jones]


  1. Jan blank | Sharing Credit To Reward & Retain Workers
    blankblank[NTUC This Week]
  2. Jan blank | 与工友分享雇佣补贴
    blankblank[NTUC This Week]
  3. Sep blank | Capacity Building Of Senior Libyan Educators in Singapore
    blankblank[The Mentor]


  1. Jun  | Educare supports Teacher Moment 有话对老师说? 教师节可上网寄语
  2. Jul   | Educare and Litespeed offer Online Scholarships for Needy Students
    Jul newsJul news[E Learning Newsletter by Litespeed]
  3. Jul Jul news  | Educare and Litespeed entered into an exciting new partnership
    Jul news[E Learning Newsletter by Litespeed]
  4. Sep Jul news | Educare Collaborates with Bizlink


  1. May | From selling fish to May Day model
    [The Straits Times]
  2. Jul | One-off payout to Teacher-Assistants 教师助理好消息:一次过薪金+延长合约
    [NTUC 职总周报]
  3. Aug | STU Cooperative Cares for Teaching Assistants
    [NTUC This Week]
  4. Sep | The Best of Labour Movement's Talents Sing the Blues Away
    [NTUC This Week]
  5. Sep | Teacher-Assistant finds job satisfaction in her work 真情感化学生,希望继续工作
    [NTUC 职总周报]


  1. Jul  | Next up: teacher aides trained in special needs
      [The Straits Times]